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Who Is A Real Woman

A real woman is a spiritual warrior. She fights for her destiny and that of her household. Zachariah and Elizabeth had no child, but a day came, an Angel visited Zachariah in the temple and prophesied about the birth of John. He doubted and was struck dumb by the Angel called Gabriel. When he came out of the temple, he went to his house. I perceive he told his wife his encounter. Afterwards, Elizabeth became pregnant according to the prophecy and John came.

Luke 1:59-61, on the day of the naming there was a controversy about his name but Elizabeth fought through to establish the counsel of God.


  1. She stood by her husband, even though he was dumb: It is wrong not to support your husband in his weakness. You are the only one that can handle that weakness, not your friends, not your family, not his family. Elizabeth’s husband confided in her and she stood by him to the end. You are called in that marriage to help him, take his weakness to God in prayer, forgive him and appreciate any of his moves for change. Elizabeth fought for her husband by making sure that the name the Angel gave for their child prevailed. She established the desire of God and her husband.
  2. She silenced household enemies: In Luke 1:61, immediately she declared his name, she was opposed by some traditional men, which represents foundation. You may be opposed trying to do good but don’t give up, push for change to happen. Your husband’s weakness may be from his foundation, ask questions, make discoveries, find out if what is going on is common in his family. The revelation will help you to know how to assist.
  3. She secured the destiny of her child: The name of that child was given for a set purpose. He came as a forerunner to the ministry of Jesus, and names are very important to our destinies. Genesis 2:19 said whatever Adam called a thing became their names. You have a way of behaving like what you are called. Adam named dogs and they behave like dogs, goats behave like goats, the question is what is your name and do you know the meaning. Elizabeth understood the importance of this move and she fought to redeem the destiny of John by declaring the right name on behalf of her husband that couldn’t talk. When they finally gave the husband to write, he confirmed the name and began to speak.

May God give you the understanding of your assignment as a woman and strengthen you in the place of your assignment. Elizabeth courageously won the battle for her household. Remember “A wise woman builds her home” Proverbs 14:1. God bless.

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