How often is Real Woman Magazine published?

Real Woman Magazine is published monthly and goes on sale in the middle of every month. Real Woman Magazine is published 10 months of the year.

Where can I buy Real Woman Magazine?

Real Woman Magazine is available through all Christian bookstores and from the following supermarkets: Woolworths, Pick ‘n Pay, Spar, Checkers, Clicks and 7 Eleven. If you do not see the magazine on shelf, please ask the Manager – as they are supposed to stock Real Woman Magazine.

If you see our magazine hidden away, please put it in a prominent position on the shelf – we pay the same as any other magazine and often store owners (who are anti-Christian) hide our magazines away.

If you notice Real Woman Magazine! is not in a store, please email info@realwomanmagazine.co.za and we will get that store listed ASAP.

Why should I subscribe to Real Woman Magazine?

The benefit of subscribing to Real Woman Magazine is manifold. Not only do you receive a 25% discount on the magazine, but we are also running a subscription SPECIAL offer that if you subscribe today, you will receive a FREE six month subscription for a friend! You also get your magazine a week or so earlier than the shops and you are the first to hear of competitions, events and Christian news.

How do I get my church to stock Real Woman Magazine?

It is very easy for your church/organisation to stock Real Woman Magazine. Send us an email with your request and contact info, and we will do a direct sales transaction with you. There is no risk to you whatsoever for carrying Real Woman Magazine as it is based on a sales/return basis. Email subs@realwomanmagazine.co.za for more.

Can I get free Real Woman Magazine to hand out at my church function/ breakfast/ ladies day?

Yes! Real Woman Magazine happily donates magazines for free to interested parties and for prison ministries. Once a month we have collections all around the country. Email admin@realwomanmagazine.co.za with your request – stating the date of your function, number of magazines required etc. Remember to contact us well in advance!

How can I write for Real Woman Magazine?

We welcome your submissions and testimonies, provided you have looked at our writers’ guidelines and are a subscriber to Real Woman Magazine Please note that we have regular contributors to the magazine and generally feature once-off articles by our readers, due to space restrictions.

How do I write to the prisoners featured in Real Woman Magazine?

Please email meg@realwomanmagazine.co.za for a full list of prisoners’ names and addresses.