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Before I Say I Do (Tips For Women) Part 2

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Before I Say I Do 1

In issue 6, we discussed how to identify a woman to marry. This issue will talk about how to identify a man to marry.

Proverbs 18:22 He that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour. Finding is of two ways, a man finds to decide and a woman finds to agree. As a woman; what do I find out in a man to say I do?


How to identify a woman to marry.

1 Responsibility: 

Responsibility makes you responsible and a good partner. A responsible man is a man of vision; he plans his life and sets goals to have a successful future. He is not a man that spends all he earns and hopes for nothing tomorrow. His immediate responsibility at the moment for e.g. paying for his own apartment, being able to carter for himself, then he is ready for marriage. He is disciplined and must have a means of livelihood. Adam was occupied with work in the garden before Eve came Genesis 2:15. And the Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to tend to and keep it

2. Maturity

Before I Say I Do

Marriage is for men and not boys. He must be mentally matured and able to decide on what he wants Matt 19:5. This means that he has a mind of his own, is independent and he is not influenced by other people.

3. Compatibility

Before I Say I Do 2

Are you compatible with him? Do you really understand each other? Do you agree with each others opinion/ideas? If yes then you are compatible. But if you are always in doubt, disagree and quarrel at all times, please think twice.

4. Love of God

Before I Say I Do 3

Discover if he truly loves God. God is the head of a man and for him to do well he must be controlled by God. The love of God will make a man to fear him, obey him, and shower you with the best love because God is love. If you need the best husband on earth, discover God in him first.

5. Flexibility

Look for a man that loves you, for whom you are, a man that can accommodate you with your mistakes and patiently wait for the change he wants. A man that can correct you in love without destroying your values. A man that is open minded and can also accommodate your family

Written by: Pastor Margaret Nwachukwu

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